Posted by: James | June 4, 2009

Born to Run

Here is an excerpt from the book that I’m currently reading that exemplifies the way I’ve been adjusting my running form. Head up, back straight, hips solid, everything relaxed. Letting my legs do the work with quick turnovers, never stepping out ahead of my body.

“Don’t fight the trail, take what it gives you. If you have a choice between one step or two between rocks take three. Lesson two, think easy, light, smooth, and fast. You start with easy because if that’s all you get, that’s not so bad. Then work on light. Make it effortless, like you don’t give a shit how high the hill is or how far you’ve got to go. When you’ve practiced that so long that you forget you’re practicing, you work on making it smooooooth. You won’t have to worry about the last one–you get those three, and you’ll be fast.” from the book, Born To Run: by Christopher McDougall

Watching this guy run will give you an idea.


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